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May 10, 2022

Latest company news about WHAT IS POINT OF SALE SYSTEM?

But for the boss who starts a business and needs to use every capital carefully, from the software to the hardware of the POS system, a sum of money is needed, and the follow-up maintenance also needs to be taken into consideration of the cost. How about you?


In fact, in addition to "convenient management", the POS system has many hidden advantages that are quite helpful for store maintenance in the long run, which many people never thought of when they purchased a POS system. What exactly is a POS system, what functions does a POS system have, whether I am suitable for a POS system, how much benefit can a POS system bring to me, a guide for the selection of a POS system, the maintenance cost of a POS system, etc., all about POS in this article once Tell you!

latest company news about WHAT IS POINT OF SALE SYSTEM?  0

The full English name of the POS system is Point of Sale, and the Chinese name is Point of Sale Information System. It refers to a system composed of hardware and software that can assist the store in handling store operations such as inventory, invoicing, and invoice management. According to different industries such as catering, retail, complex stores, service industries and other store types, there will be functional differences. For example, catering needs to distinguish the functions of take-out and in-house use, and add taste adjustment functions, while retail POS needs functions such as purchasing goods and solving the problem of consumers' return and exchange.


The biggest trouble in opening a store is how to control costs and create more revenue, but do you really know how many resources you have? How much unsold inventory is in the warehouse, how much net profit per month on average, etc. Through the POS system, you will be able to answer these questions with precision and accuracy. The biggest advantage of mastering resources is that you can clearly understand the status of the store. Are there many goods hoarding in the warehouse now? Or have enough funds to expand into new markets?

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